5 Foods for Beautiful Healthy Nails

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Strong healthy nails that grow long and resist breakage can be a woman’s best-kept beauty secret. But if you’ve been frustrated by over-the-counter nail repair serums and harsh chemical acrylic alternatives there is a more natural way to get those gorgeous nails: eat better. That’s right. Your diet may be leaving you with weak nails that just won’t grow.

Below you’ll find five common (and tasty) foods that are packed with the nutrients your nails need to grow long and stay strong. But the best part is these superfoods are also good for you and have a number of other health benefits as well. Eat better, look better, feel better naturally.


Almonds are sort of the celebrity of the nut world. They’re loaded with essential nutrients including Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and protein. And because they pack such a punch, they make a great healthy snack between meals. But did you know that almonds are also a wonderful source of biotin? Yes, that’s the nutrient that’s added to all those expensive hair, skin, and nail treatments in a nut!


Yup, that’s the bean from which the heavens gave us that most decadent of treats: chocolate. But cacao is just one of the ingredients in chocolate so when you enjoy it you get a flavorful punch without all the added fat and sugar. Cacao is also one of the natural foods ranked highest in magnesium, iron, and zinc concentrations (all essential nail-building nutrients). It’s also packed with powerful B Vitamins that affect everything from your mood to your metabolism!

Chia Seeds

Just a tiny serving of these power-packed little seeds can deliver tremendous amounts of calcium and protein (both essential for lustrous healthy nails). You can sprinkle chia seeds on just about anything you eat or drink. You can also find it already added to a number of beverages and food products (like multigrain chips and crisps) in the natural aisles of your local grocery store. You can also buy chia seeds in bulk which dramatically cuts the cost of adding this healthy little powerhouse to any meal.

Pumpkin Seeds

These once-seasonal favorites are now available all year round. Roasted, raw, or seasoned with your favorite sweet or savory spices, pumpkin seeds are one of the most nutrient-packed little seeds on the planet. They’re loaded with iron, protein, and zinc. You can get 23% of your daily recommended dose of zinc (which prevents tissue damage and supports immune health) from just a ¼ cup of pumpkin seeds! (Don’t believe you need zinc for healthy nails? Zinc deficiency is often detected because of white spots that form on your nails.) Try adding pumpkin seeds to oatmeal and granola or baking them in your favorite casseroles or breads.


This delicious tropical fruit is one of the best natural sources of Vitamin C on the planet (sorry oranges). Vitamin C as you may or may not know is important for collagen production – essential for healthy-looking skin and nails. Pineapple also contains a unique enzyme (bromelain) which helps your body more easily digest the protein you’re consuming. More protein and more vitamin C all from one sweet source.

Fun Foods Make Healthy Living Easy

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