5 Most Common Runner’s Injuries

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You love the feeling of the pavement pounding beneath your feet. You love the burn, the exhilaration, the runner’s high. Maybe you simply know that running is one of the most effective aerobic exercises you can do to help maintain a healthy weight and a strong body. Regardless of whether you do it for fun, for exercise, or even professionally, running can be hard on your body.

Below are the five most common Runner’s injuries you’re likely to endure. Learn how to spot them and how (if necessary) modern naturopathic medicine can treat them.

Shin Splints

These common pains occur along the front of the shin and can range from mild to moderate. Splints are often caused by running up or downhill and often affect new runners who haven’t yet built up the muscles necessary to support their body weight during rigorous exercise. Thankfully, Icing will usually do the trick for Shin Splints.

Runner’s Knee

This common irritation causes pain directly under the knee cap that often becomes extreme during your daily workout. Uneven running surfaces, poor shoe choices, and weak muscles can all contribute to runner’s knee. In addition to rest and icing, doctors can apply therapeutic PRP or Prolotherapy injections right behind the knee where the treatments are needed to strengthen and rebuild connective tissue. In the future, working on your stride technique to ensure your foot is always directly under your center of gravity can lessen the chance of re-injury.

Plantar Fasciitis

Overuse or improper footwear can cause painful inflammation of the bottom portion of your foot. Sufferers often describe the sensation like stepping on a nail. However painful the condition is, it can be treated. While orthotic inserts are often prescribed, injections (including naturopathic anti-inflammatory solutions) can be used to help reduce the swelling, decrease the pain, and help your body heal on its own. Proper technique (including stretching before a run and cooling down after) can help prevent plantar fasciitis in the future.

Achilles Tendinitis

So named because it was the downfall of the mythical Greek hero, your Achilles tendon can cause a number of problems, especially when it becomes swollen or inflamed. Achilles tendinitis is often caused by overuse or improperly stretching before a run. The pain can be excruciating and can even keep you off your feet. Thankfully, rest and icing the injury can help. However, if symptoms persist you may need additional intervention. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) has been successfully used to help such soft tissue injuries heal much faster than they would if left alone. These natural cells exist already in your body but by boosting their concentrations the natural healing power is multiplied.

IT Band Syndrome

The IT Band (or iliotibial band) is the tendon that runs from your knee to your hip. Every day running can cause this tendon to become painfully inflamed and may even feel like being “stabbed” in the knee when you run. As with most tendon issue shy of ruptures or tears, icing, relaxation, and a regiment of anti-inflammatory treatments are likely the best options to get you back on your feet fast.

Suffering a Runner’s Injury?

Pure Vitality can help treat a number of runner’s injuries with naturopathic options such as pain management PRP that may be more tolerable to your body and don’t require harsh chemical intervention or surgery. To schedule a consultation call 310-820-7925 or visit www.PureVitalityCenter.com today to learn more about living a healthier life.


Image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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