Are Vitamin Shots More Beneficial than Pills?

It’s no secret that we, as Americans, don’t eat as healthy as we should. Trimming the excess calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol from your diet is certainly a wonderful way to get back on a healthier track. But, even after all that your diet may still be failing you. Most of us simply aren’t getting the vitamins and other essential nutrients we need from our foods.

A series of vitamin shots may help you get the key nutrients you need to look and feel your best and keep you performing at your peak.

Do You Get Your Vitamins the “Old Fashioned” Way?

Deficiencies in key vitamins like Vitamin A, B6, B12, D, and K can have serious effects on your overall health and may lead to long term complications like:

  • Neurological disorders
  • High blood pressure
  • Emotional fluctuations
  • Memory loss
  • Decreased bone density

That’s why many of us turn to pills—over the counter multivitamins or individual supplements. But you may not be getting everything you think you are out of those multivitamins. Many supplements contain vitamins that aren’t in the form your body can easily absorb and even when they are people can have trouble absorbing the amount they need. Having an injection takes out the guess work of how much is actually being absorbed.

Vitamin Shots Deliver the Nutrients You Need

Doctors have been injecting vitamins, such as B12 shots for decades to replace nutrients patients don’t receive from their diet alone.

While consuming your vitamins (in the form of fresh fruits, and veggies) is still preferable, injections offer a quick addition that can deliver easily absorbable solutions in the right concentrations your body can handle. Vitamins can even be combined in optimal concentrations to create “cocktails” that deliver a powerful one-two-punch the first time around.

Boost Your Wellness with Vitamin Shots

Pure Vitality Rejuvenation Centers offers a variety of vitamin shots that may help with a symptoms ranging from lethargy and “mental fog” to dry skin and lackluster hair. To learn how our vitamin shots may help you look better, feel better, and live better visit www.PurevitalityCenter.com or call 310-820-7925 to schedule your health consultation today.

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