Diagnosing and Treating Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Are you suffering from pain in your forearm or elbow? Do you have a job or hobby or play a sport that requires you to use your hands often? Has the pain stayed constant or gotten worse over time? You could be suffering from what’s commonly known as tennis elbow. Thankfully, this type of injury is very common and very treatable.

What is Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is typically brought on by simple overuse of the elbow joint. That’s why tennis players are prone to suffer and why the condition is named after them.

The primary symptom of Tennis Elbow is pain at the outside of the elbow (as opposed to inside the elbow which may be caused by a similar injury often called Golfer’s Elbow). This pain may be minimal at first but generally increases over time. It can also get worse when squeezing things with your hand or grabbing or lifting things. Often times, the pain can cause sufferers to restrict their activities and refrain from doing things they love to do.

Generally a doctor will be able to diagnose you with this type of injury just by listening to you describe the pain you are in.

Treatments for Tennis Elbow

Ice and anti-inflammatory gels can be used to reduce swelling and thus decrease pain. However, in more severe cases, advanced therapies can be used to ease the pain.

Learning the proper techniques for whatever activities you regularly engage in as well as having the proper ergonomically designed equipment and tools helps reduce your risk of re-injuring the same elbow again. As does taking defined rest periods to let the muscles and tendons recuperate.


Prolotherapy and PRP treatment are two excellent cures for Tennis Elbow. They are both forms of therapeutic injection therapy designed to rehabilitate damaged or painful areas.

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