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The burn victim below utilized Exosome therapy to aid his recovery. Now imagine tapping into this advanced regenerative treatment for your own routine skin and body maintenance! Pure Vitality is your trusted Exsome therapy center in Los Angeles.


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What Are Exosomes and How Do They Help Me?

For something so powerful and transformative, the nano-scale exosome is just now becoming part of the public consciousness. Just what is this amazing extra-cellular vessel? Think of exosomes as tiny instructional messages that your cells send to one another. They also contain proteins such as growth factors, enzymes, and receptors that aid in cell structure and function. Through Pure Vitality’s therapeutic model, we help ensure that the message gets to the right cells, for optimum regeneration and rejuvenation of such things as your skin, hair, bone, muscle, and cartilage.

Exosome Facials

Marvel at the firmness of your glowing, youthful-looking skin after just one treatment.

Pure Vitality’s professional staff administers exosome facial treatments that are quick, efficient, and relatively painless. Depending upon the extent of your needs, the entire procedure often takes less than 30 minutes. We use high-quality exosomes from nationally-respected Kimera Labs that are known for their ability to decrease oxidative stress, promote cell survival, and heal damaged connective tissue. Within one session, we believe you will see a dramatic difference in your skin’s texture and firmness.

Exosome for Anti-Aging

Regenerate tissue that leads to longevity and a better quality of life.

Our anti-aging and longevity treatments are designed to give you an overall feeling of better health and improved functionality. The intravenous injection is designed to work almost immediately, with results usually noticeable after just a few days, as the exosomes work to carry vital proteins to various parts of your body and remove cellular cytotoxins. Our goal is to instill in you more youthful energy, both inside and out.

Exosome for Joint Pain

Increase movement and function, while minimizing chronic aches and pains.

By helping your cells repair and detoxify themselves, exosomes work to regenerate deteriorating bone and cartilage, thus slowing the progress of the joint disease, reducing the associated pain, and restoring a degree of lost function. The injection is made into the targeted joint or joints, providing fast action with a record of highly successful results. By helping to minimize joint breakdown, it may be possible to restore activities that had previously become limited for you.

Professional Individualized Care

The moment you step into our facility at Pure Vitality Rejuvenation Center, you will understand our passion for what we do. Just as apparent is our attention to detail and personable, personalized care. Before ever moving forward with any treatment, our doctors engage you in a brief conversation to make sure that our course of action is aligned with your values and goals. Then we design a customized plan that effectively addresses your unique situation and puts you on a path to better health and vitality.

Exosome Therapies You Can Trust 

Pure Vitality Rejuvenation Center takes pride in the cleanliness and welcoming ambiance of our clinical offices. That same feeling of comfort and confidence is reflected in the treatments themselves, which utilize only the highest quality exosomes from a respected American laboratory. You will find these treatments to be virtually painless, with the possibility of just a slight residual inflammation that normally subsides within a day or two. In fact, you can usually return to your normal activities without any downtime required. The most exciting part is that the exosomes go to work immediately, stimulating the cells of your body and setting the stage for tissue regeneration.

What to Expect 

You may be wondering how long it takes to see results, and what kind of difference you will eventually see and feel through our Pure Vitality treatments. Though the exosomes start repairing your cells almost instantly, it usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the repair process to culminate and to reprogram the function of your cells. For many, noticeable benefits become obvious within 3 to 4 months, and they continue to build over the next 9 to 12 months. So while this is not an overnight process, it is certainly exciting to observe the improvements over an ongoing course of time!

Your Quality Source

We source our exosomes exclusively from Kimera Labs, a leading exosome biotechnology laboratory. This highly regarded Florida-based lab specializes in the production of perinatal mesenchymal stem cell-derived (MSC) exosome products for scientific and clinical research. Mesenchymal stem cells are especially prized for their self-renewal ability, multi-lineage differentiation, immunomodulatory, and anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for tissue regeneration.

Get to Know Pure Vitality

Our name – Pure Vitality – says it all. We formed our company with the express purpose of providing quality natural products and integrative care for your body and lifestyle enhancement. Instead of using toxic chemicals such as Botox or chemical peels, we only apply restorative methodologies that support the body’s own rejuvenating ability. Nothing artificial, nothing harmful. These purest of elements are administered by skilled doctors and a clinical staff known for their compassion and comprehensive training. You can be sure that we will always be dedicated to therapeutic treatments that are safe, sound, and specialized for your unique goals.

Exosome Excellence from Pure Vitality…Imagine Stem Cell Therapy 2.0