How Vitamin B Injections Benefit Athletes

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You may have heard that vitamin B supplements can help improve mental function and even maintain mood but did you know that the Vitamins B are important for athletes who want to perform at their peak? Sure, there’s the connection between Vitamin B and energy levels but their importance goes much deeper than simply recharging your batteries.

5 Ways Vitamin B Injections Can Improve Your Athletic Performance

Increased Energy Levels

In order to perform at your peak and recuperate after the fact, your body needs oxygen. Your muscles burn an incredible amount when you exercise so it stands to reason that if you can deliver more oxygen where it’s needed you can push yourself harder and longer. Well, Vitamin B plays an incredibly important role in cell synthesis — the creation of new cells–including red blood cells. IT’s these red cells that carry oxygen through your arteries to the muscles that need it.

Increase Muscle Mass

More muscle gives you the ability to do more. Plus it doesn’t hurt that more muscle also burns more fat (even while you’re at rest), and helps you look your best. Well, Vitamin B injections (specifically B6) help metabolize protein into amino acids. This deconstructed protein is the basis for new muscle mass. They help rebuild and repair damaged muscle and give you that fit sculpted look you want.

Improving Mental Focus and Drive

One of the most important factors in competing is keeping your head in the game. Maintaining the motivation to get up and do what needs to be done every day can be a challenge in itself. Vitamin B help clear away that “mental fog” that can mire your best efforts and may help you hone that laser focus you need to succeed.

Boosting Your Immune System

Illness and injury can sidetrack even the most dedicated athlete. That is why it’s important to take care of your immune system. This collection of automatic processes works constantly to defend you from germs and disease and helps repair any injuries you might endure while training or in your everyday life. Vitamin B injections (Again B6) help create new immune cells (white blood cells, phagocytes, and lymphocytes). By boosting levels of these helpful cells you may be able to more easily fight off infection, illness, and heal quicker from injuries.

Increased Metabolism

Now it’s time to talk about metabolism. Your basal rate metabolism is basically the rate at which your body converts food and stored fuel into energy. If you increase this rate you will burn more fuel, have more energy, and lose weight. Vitamin B helps you do this by playing an important role in the digestion and absorption of key nutrients like protein. By keeping this conversion system running at top performance you’ll have the energy you need to press yourself to the next level of performance.

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