Interview with Dr. Kelly Bender on Precision Medicine, IV therapy, and Anti-Aging


This past weekend, Dr. Kelly Bender gave a talk at the 23rd Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference on a precision medicine approach to IV therapy Los Angeles. Precision medicine is exactly how it reads. It’s an extremely precise approach to treatment protocols informed in individual variability at the cellular and environmental level. She met up with precision medicine expert Dr. Florence Comite to talk about custom IV drip formulations for age management.

Q: Where do you see IV therapy fitting into aging medicine management in the future?

A: As we start implementing therapies that address the structural integrity and health of skin, muscle, bone, heart, hormones, and neural tissues we will have an increased metabolic need for vitamins and minerals as co-factors. Many times patients are unwilling or unable to ingest or absorb them which is where IVs come in. Even something as simple as B-12 shots are helpful in the aging population due to decreased ability to absorb B-12. There is also a role in chronic disease. Many doctors are having success reversing diabetic neuropathy with ALA IVs, and improving arterial health with phosphatidylcholine IVs.

Q: Do you see doctors moving away from using Myers cocktails to more precision formulations?

A: Yes, over the last 4 years I’ve seen an increasing number of doctors transitioning to custom formulations and using patients labs and clinical presentation to guide them. There’s a number of studies that show improved outcomes from synergistic IV therapies vs monotherapies. I think these improved outcomes are driving doctors towards an “n of 1” approach. Here at Pure Vitality Center, only doctors administer the IVs and can customize them to the patient.

Q: What are the top 2 IV therapies to look into?

A: Again, we want to make sure we’re looking at each patient individually, assessing their nutrient status, potential increased need due to genetic and environmental factors, etc. But I would say one would be glutathione, most know it’s a powerful antioxidant, protective in a number of different body systems, and generally decreases as we age. The other would be poly mva. This is an alpha lipoic acid molecule bound to palladium with a combination of other vitamins and minerals. There are studies that show benefit for myocardial mitochondria, that it’s a potent neuroprotective agent and anti-oxidant.

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