Programs and Packages

Athletic Programs and Packages

We offer a variety of packages to our athletes to make your experience at our clinic more affordable while getting the treatments you need to feel and be your best. Take a look at some of the packages we offer below and select which package suits your needs the most.

  • Shot pack – 5 nutrient shots
  • IV pack – 5 nutrient IVs
  • Prolotherapy pack – package of 5 treatments
  • PRP Pack – packages of 4 treatments
  • Prolotherapy/IV combo – for enhanced regeneration of tissues
  • PRP/IV combo – for maximum tissue regeneration and joint health
  • The Full Package – Micronutrient testing, Food sensitivity testing, IV pack

Professional Woman Packages

You’re the woman who wants it all, and you should have it. You try to be everything to everyone but sometimes you need help. Whether you need a boost of energy, hormonal balance, or a fresh new look. Below are some packages that will help enhance your health and life.

  • Shot pack – 5 nutrient shots
  • IV pack – 5 nutrient IVs
  • Facial packages – 5 HA or PRP facials
  • PRP facial/IV therapy
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Consult/IV

Entrepreneur Packages

You’re constantly on the go and need to be on the top of your game. Your most valuable asset is well, you. Having the energy you need to get it all done, keeping your memory sharp, keeping you out of pain – this is how you turn health into wealth. Here are some packages that will keep you functioning at your peak.

  • Shot pack – 5 Nutrient Shots
  • IV pack – 5 Nutrient IVs
  • IV Shot Pack Combo – 5 Nutrient IVs and 5 Nutrient Shots