Prolotherapy Therapy In Los Angeles

Prolotherapy, or proliferation therapy, is a powerful regenerative treatment that injects an irritant solution into a joint space, weakened ligament or tendon to reduce or relieve pain. More than a mere band-aid remedy, prolotherapy can often provide long-term or even permanent relief by helping the body to repair itself.

Prolotherapy In Los Angeles

At Pure Vitality Center, our naturopathic doctors utilize a solution of concentrated dextrose and local anesthetic, which stimulates the tissue repair and encourages new connective tissue growth in the ligaments and tendons. These prolotherapy joint injections provide the following important benefits:

  • Reduces and relieves pain
  • Increases joint function
  • Stimulates natural healing process
  • Helps rehabilitate damaged tendons
  • Combats chronic back pain
  • Repairs damaged joints

Prolotherapy is an ideal treatment for almost everyone, especially athletes and those who exercise frequently. Areas of treatment may include lower or mid-back, such as discs and the sacroiliac joint, the neck, wrist, shoulder and knee. Elbow and foot pain can also be treated successfully by quality practitioners such as the Los Angeles prolotherapy experts at Pure Vitality Center.

Prolotherapy Los Angeles welcomes your inquiries about price or specific treatment routines for your particular needs.

Joint Regeneration Therapy

Prolotherapy is a form of injection therapy designed to rehabilitate and stimulate healing in damaged tendons, ligaments, and other forms of connective tissue. Prolotherapy serves to promote healing, decrease pain, and increase function.

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