Treating the Most Common Football Injuries


With preseason football heating up and regular season football just around the corner, football fans everywhere are gearing up for another exciting race to the Super bowl.   Unfortunately, along with the glory of the sport, often comes injuries, too.

However, a relatively new type of treatment called Pain Management PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy can be used to treat many of the most common football injuries suffered by backyard amateurs and pro athletes alike.

What Are the Most Common Football Injuries?

While head injuries in football (including concussions) have been in the news a lot lately, they account for a much smaller percentage of the overall total than you may think. In fact, the most common football injuries are soft tissue injuries.

Football Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are by far the most common type of soft tissue injury related to football play. These include ACL tears, MCL tears, and damage to the menisci (meniscal tears) or cartilage in the joint itself.

Typically the severity of these injuries denotes which type of treatment is used to heal them. While many minor injuries will heal over time, severe tears may require surgery and extensive downtime.

Football Ankle Injuries

Ankle sprains and strains are also another extremely common football injury. These injuries involve minor (or major) stretching and tearing of the soft tissue in the ankle joint. Often sudden changes in speed or direction cause the stretching of tissues associated with sprains and strains.

Many times ankle sprains and strains will heal by themselves but many may require icing and immobilization to speed the process along.

Football Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries are common in runners and any athlete require to pour on bursts of speed in short amounts of time. The hamstring is the tendon that runs along the backside of the calf and is essential for walking and balancing. A hamstring tear can be devastating and usually requires surgery to repair.

PRP Therapy for Football Injuries

PRP therapy can be used to minimize the recovery time associated with football related bone and soft tissue injuries. During this type of treatment a patient has their blood drawn and run through a centrifuge to concentrate the essential healing factors in the blood (including platelets and growth factors). This concentrated healing serum is then reinjected at the injury site to deliver a potent treatment right where it’s needed. These healing factors increase the body’s natural ability to rebuild and regrow damaged tissue.

PRP therapy may dramatically decrease downtime associated with these common football injuries and may actually improve the quality of the healing process as well.

Learn More About Treating Common Sports Injuries

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