Turn To Superfoods To Sleep Better

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Insomnia is a far too common problem that can affect everything from physical and mental health to job performance and relationships. While there are many commercially available sleeping pills and sedatives, they can have adverse effects, including addiction, dry mouth and sleep walking.  A healthier and tastier method can be superfoods. Superfoods can help you sleep better because they’re packed with certain nutrients and compounds that naturally adjust your body’s sleep cycle.

So next time you need some shuteye, don’t go to the medicine cabinet—hit the fridge instead.

Greek Yogurt

This wonderful nighttime snack is packed full of protein, calcium, and vitamin b12 (essential for a restful night’s sleep). It’s also relatively low in sugars (if unflavored) and a healthier alternative to those other late night alternatives like ice cream, cookies, and chocolate. Just make sure you don’t have a dairy allergy. If you don’t know, come have your food sensitivities tested at Pure Vitality! To schedule a healthy sleep consultation please call us at 310-820-7925 today.


Research has shown that high levels of alpha-carotene can help individuals fall asleep faster and may eliminate the restless tossing and turning when you turn in for the night. Raw, cooked, frozen, and even juiced, carrots deliver alpha-carotene in abundance and they’re easy to eat.

Pumpkin Seeds

Tryptophan: It’s the compound in turkey that always gets blamed for that post-thanksgiving meal siesta. But, Pumpkin seeds actually contain about 600 milligrams of tryptophan per 100 grams. A handful of these at night before bed may help you calm that restlessness and help ease you into sleep better and faster. Plus they’re packed with vitamin E, protein, iron, and zinc. Try roasting them with just a hint of salt or mixing the seeds with other superfoods like cranberries, dried cherries, or walnuts (which also contain melatonin).

Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherry juice is a healthful drink that has been linked to many benefits thanks to high concentrations of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Additionally, tart cherry juice also contains melatonin (the same compound that’s in many over the counter sleep aids). While the levels of melatonin in cherry juice are lower than that in commercial supplements, researchers suspect that some combination of this wonder juice’s healthful compounds creates drowsiness and leads to better sleep.


That’s right, proper hydration is essential for restful sleep. In fact, one study at Penn State found that people who did not hydrate adequately during the day had a significantly harder time falling asleep than those who did. So drink up.

Vitamins and Minerals Promote Healthy Sleep Too!

In addition to the “sleep compounds” found in these superfoods, studies have shown that proper amounts of the essential vitamins and minerals in these superfoods promote restful sleep as well. Did you know you can have your nutrient levels tested to make sure you’ve got enough of what your body needs to run optimally? To schedule an appointment to have your micronutrients tested, visit www.PureVitalityCenter.com. To schedule a healthy sleep consultation please call us at 310-820-7925 today.

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