Vampire Facial vs. PRP Facial


Kim Kardashian has definitely brought attention to the now well-known “Vampire Facial” but not all that publicity was positive. The star can be seen screaming in pain during the procedure which involves injecting PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) mixed with fillers under the skin. While this procedure may be a little more painful then our alternative technique, experts agree Kim most likely made it more dramatic than it was.


Our PRP treatment in Los Angeles is different from the Vampire Facial principally in that we do not inject the PRP mixed with fillers deep into the skin. We apply pure PRP topically and use a micro-needling device to embed the growth factors into the skin where they rapidly stimulate new skin and skin matrix to form. Additionally we use an after-care cream to dramatically reduce pain and swelling and stimulate healing


Here at Pure Vitality we refuse to use toxic chemicals in our services, instead we strive to stimulate and support the body’s own rejuvenating ability. We offer a Natural Facial Rejuvenation procedure that helps stimulate your body to produce more collagen, the substance that gives your skin bounce, firmness and keeps it taut.


What it does:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Diminishes scars and stretch marks
  • Helps improve skin texture, tone and firmness


What we do:

First we apply a numbing cream to the face to make the procedure practically painless.

Then we draw a small amount of blood (15 cc) – less then a typical blood draw for testing – and process it to harvest your own growth factors and platelets (PRP)

The PRP and a hyaluronic acid gel are painted on your skin then the doctor uses a Micropen to drive the factors into the skin, stimulating your body to repair the area.

*We do not inject anything under the skin, which is most often the painful part of a procedure.

Before PRPAfter PRP

Before Treatment                                         4 weeks after treatment

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