Vitamin B Injections for Brain Health

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Vitamin B is essential for the efficient use of certain enzymes within your body. Generally these nutrients (riboflavin, pyridoxine, and methylcobalamin) are found in the food we eat like green leafy veggies, shellfish, meat, and nuts. Science has linked these key nutrients to brain health, memory retention, and mental alertness. Without them individuals can suffer greatly and may be more likely to develop serious neurological conditions like brain shrinkage, numbness or tingling in the extremities, and possibly even Alzheimer’s Disease like conditions.

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin B?

Chances are you’re not. Vitamin B deficiency is one of the most common dietary deficiencies in the United States. Unfortunately, your risk increases as you age. Even people who eat enough of the vitamin rich foods may develop deficiencies. Conditions like insufficient stomach acid, chemical imbalances, and “lack of intrinsic factor” can all create Vitamin B deficiencies in adults.

While oral Vitamin B supplements are readily available, pills aren’t often easily digested and can pass through your system without being fully absorbed. Most patients are instructed to use tablets which dissolve in the mouth because they work better. However, a certain amount of patients may benefit most from Vitamin B injections.

Boost Brain Health, Reduce Memory Loss, Stimulate Mental Vigor

Researchers from Oxford University examined not only the correlation between consumption of Vitamin B supplements and certain neurological changes but also examined the affect these treatments had on the brain using an MRI. The results of these two studies show that Vitamin B therapy can:

  • Decrease the Rate of Brain Shrinkage
  • Decrease Cognitive Difficulty
  • Improve Long Term Prognosis
  • Could Potentially Postpone Alzheimer’s Onset

In addition to these mental benefits, science shows that Vitamin B may help prevent heart disease and stroke in addition to promoting healthy skin, hair, and eyes.

Learn About the Benefits of Vitamin B

Whether you want to protect your brain for the future, improve your performance today, or to look and feel your best Vitamin B injections may be the best treatment for you. To learn more about Vitamin B12 shots or have your nutrient levels tested, come visit us at Pure Vitality Rejuvenation Center www.PureVitalityCenter.com. To schedule your naturopathic health assessment, please call 310-820-7925 today.

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