Vitamin Shots in Los Angeles

Give your body a quick, efficient boost with vitamin shots, absorbed swiftly into your system to help you look and feel your best. These convenient pick-me-ups have gained broad popularity because of their effectiveness in restoring energy, boosting the immune system, and helping naturally lose weight.

Administered in just seconds, these virtually painless vitamin injections can offer noticeable benefits, whether supplementing a healthy diet or treating nutrient deficiencies. With so many different variations, it’s wise to sit down with a licensed professional to learn the best course of action for you.

The naturopathic doctors at Pure Vitality Center administer a wide range of vitamin shots that address a variety of needs, goals, and conditions. Among the many benefits are:

Vitamin Shots Los Angeles

Vitamin Shots Los Angeles



    • Boosts energy and mood


    • Relieves stress


    • Boosts the immune system


    • Helps body burn fat more efficiently


    • Sustains hormone balance


    • Replenishes important nutrients


Get the nutritional power you need, when you need it…and eliminate the necessity to absorb through the gut, which may be compromised. Vitamin injections from Pure Vitality Center give you one more healthy option for your busy schedule.

Choose from our menu of popular therapies below or call to speak to one of our naturopathic doctors.

  • BASIC B12

    Helps with energy, weight loss, stress & mood, anemia



    Unique Combo of B Vitamins to give you that extra edge



    A blend of vitamins & nutrients to help your body respond to stress



    Powerful nutrients with Vitamin C to rebuild strong connective tissue



    Nutritious blend targeted to help women with energy, mood, & hormone balance



    Boost of energy and key nutrients for your body to metabolize fat



    Helps your body burn fat more efficiently


  • T-Up

    Unique Combo of nutrients to naturally raise testosterone levels



    Helps your body process the harmful metabolites of alcohol and reduces hangovers



    Gives your immune system the ammunition it needs to fight

    $40 - With added echinacea $60


    Balanced blend of nutrients that help form neurotransmitters



    Calming blend of nutrients that help tame your overactive mind & body


  • COQ10 SHOT

    This powerful antioxidant supercharges the mitochondria and is key for heart health





Vitamin Shots Los Angeles welcomes your inquiries about price or specific treatment routines for your particular needs.