What is Vitamin B12 and why is it so important?

B 12 Shots - Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA

B12B12 is a water-soluble B vitamin found in seafood, meat, eggs, dairy, and lots of fortified foods like cereals. Vitamin B12 is necessary for normal function of the brain and nervous system as well as the formation of blood cells. It is also vital in the metabolism of every cell in the body and is used in DNA and fatty acid synthesis and energy production which is why many people use B12 shots for weight loss. B12 is also an important factor involved in the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

In short what does it improve?
Vitamin B12 improves cognition, biorhythms, and metabolism. Patients who receive Vitamin B12 injections often report increased energy, improved mood, and better sleep. They often say, “I just feel more like myself!”

Are B12 injections painful?
Most of our patients don’t feel a thing!

What are the B12 shot side effects?
As with any injection there’s the risk of mild tenderness or bruising, most of our patients don’t experience either. Using Cyanocobalamin (which is the form many doctors use) can have some minor side effects, but there are no reported side effects using Methylcobalamin, which is the bio-available form and the only form we use at Pure Vitality.

Will it make me jittery?
B12 is not like caffeine and feeling jittery is not a common side effect. B12 is an absolutely necessary vitamin that plays a role in cellular energy production, whereas caffeine is disruptive and stimulates a stress-response. There are relatively

How do you know I am deficient?
Many people are deficient in B12, even if you are a meat-eater. You may be deficient because:

  • You are on a strict vegetarian or vegan diet and not getting adequate amounts of vitamin B12 through diet alone.
  • You have had gastric bypass surgery or have gastrointestinal issues.
  • You are on certain medications like metformin or antacids.
  • As we age, we produce less gastric acid and intrinsic factor, which is required to break down the protein to absorb B12.

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